Create separation and visual interest with the addition of landscape edging and decorative borders to your space.

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Installing decorative borders or landscape edging around garden beds or low maintenance areas is an easy and aesthetic way to create a barrier between products that aren’t meant to mix. There are a variety of ways to achieve this depending on the location, application and budget. Assiniboine will work with you to find the right solution for your space.

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Types of Landscape Edging

  1. Mow Brick Border - Very durable, easy to maintain, easy to mow over it (hence the name) thus trimming is not required. Looks great pulling all elements of brick together (colours/textures). The thicker border prevents mulch and gravel from getting onto the grass.
  2. Wood Border - When compared to stone there are cost savings. Wood boards are wide and long enough to provide a good barrier while being durable. Usable for straight lines and sharp angles. Be aware that the wood can be chipped or ruined by maintenance activities.
  3. Plastic Edging - Simple way of providing a barrier between the garden bed and grass. Provides clean lines and made from durable plastic. Care needs to be taken when mowing the lawn and trimming is required, as the plastic can kink and lines can become distorted.
  4. Stackstone- Raised walls create a real feature in the yard and can also be combined with mow brick to provide a super low maintenance finished product. Can be used in situations up to 2’ in height and able to create a small tiering effect. This is a decorative wall, not a weight bearing retaining wall.
Mow brick edging between mulch garden bed and lawn
Mow brick border edging the mulch garden bed and lawn

Landscape Edging Project Gallery

Have a look through our projects for ideas and inspirations for your yard. We have many different examples of completed projects, everything from small jobs to completely new spaces.

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