Decorative borders around beds and low maintenance areas are an easy and aesthetic way to create a barrier between products that aren’t meant to mix. There are a variety of ways to achieve this depending on the location, application & budget.

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Types of Landscape Borders

  1. Mow Brick – Very durable, easy to maintain, can easily mow over it (hence the name) thus trimming not required, looks great pulling all elements of brick together (colours/textures), thicker border preventing mulch/gravel from getting whippered onto grass.
  2. Wood Border – Fairly cheap and wide long enough to provide a good barrier, durable. Only available in straight lines and sharp angles, wood can be chipped or ruined by maintenance activities.
  3. Plastic Edging – Marginally cheaper, clean lines, fairly durable plastic, barrier between bed / grass. Plastic can kink and lines can become distorted by mower, mower can shred if ground heaves, have to trim grass anyway while mowing.
  4. Stackstone – Raised walls creating a real feature in the yard, can be combined with mow brick to provide a super low maintenance finished product, can be used in situations up to 2’ in height, able to create a small tiering effect. This is a decorative wall, not a weight bearing retaining wall.

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