Our patios are clean, classy, functional, timeless, and aesthetic. You’ll love the longevity of an Assiniboine paving stone patio because we use the proper construction techniques for the foundation. Like any great structure, if it’s built on a solid base it is going to pass the test of time. You can also see the mark of a “quality” Assiniboine patio in the finishing touches. The right cuts, the right border and the right design choices all contribute to a world-class finished product. In addition to your standard patio, we can build paving stone pathways and paving stone driveways. As well as poured concrete patios and walkways.

Whether you need a paving stone pathway and steps to your front door or around the side of your house, or you want to create the ultimate patio for your outdoor gatherings, Assiniboine is the right choice to get it done. We create beautiful extensions of your house that your guests, neighbors, and family will love.

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Why Choose Stone?

  1. Character – Paving Stone patios are first class features that can be personalized to suit your desire.
  2. Durability – Unlike stamped concrete, paving stone won’t crack, fade, or get wear patterns.
  3. Easily Repaired – Assiniboine patios rarely sink. However, in the unlikely event one does, it only takes a matter of hours to redo and make it look as good as new.
  4. Price – Cheaper than stamped concrete and comparable to regular poured concrete.
  5. Maintenance – Sealed with polymer sand, our patios have low water permeability and are resistant to weeds and ants.

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