Once the hardscape has been constructed, the next thing to do is ‘furnish’ it. Plants bring color and life to a yard and if done properly can add tremendous value. Let Assiniboine work with you to provide advice and suggestions on how to make your dreams come to fruition.

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  • You Plan, We Plant – Assiniboine is happy to plant the vegetation that you have picked out for your project. You choose the plants you want and we will put them in the soil.
  • Watering – Once your beds have been planted it is up to the customer to water the vegetation appropriately. We do not offer watering services for your plants.
  • Maintenance – Weeds taking over your flower beds? Let us help. We provide everything from one time overhauls to ongoing maintenance.

Types of Gardens

All garden bases start with a deep layer of premium ‘garden mix’ (peat, loam and sand) to create ideal growing conditions.

  1. The Shrub Garden – This is the lowest maintenance of all 3 garden types… It consists almost exclusively of shrubs and trees that are low – no maintenance, this type of garden is definitely covered in mulch or sometimes weed fabric and gravel. The shrubs in this type of garden can still provide a wide variety of color and usually doesn’t need any watering, and very little pruning.
  2. The Perennial Garden – This type of garden is for the mildly engaged homeowner who wants vibrant color and life, but doesn’t have a lot of time to maintain it.
  3. The Annual Garden – This garden provides the most color of all garden types and is where the homeowner gets to plant new flowers every spring… No mulch is used in this type of garden as new flowers are planted and removed on a seasonal basis. The size of this type of garden should be kept manageable because the same soil that grows the best flowers is also great for weeds.