Christmas lights area great way to celebrate the holiday season. Before booking your light installation, there are a few things that you should take into consideration. From where you would like the lights installed, to the style of roof you have, and the type and size of your trees.

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Plan your Install

Start by taking a look at your property to decide where you would like Christmas lights.

  • Are you only wanting lights installed on the front of your house?
  • Do you live on a corner lot, would you like lights on the street side as well?
  • Is there a particular tree in your yard that you’d like to draw attention to?

Things to Consider:

This information is helpful in deciding what type of installation would work best for you and your budget.

Roofline Installations

  • Accessibility – Ease of access to roof with standard ladders
  • Pitch – For a steep pitch it is recommended the lights before the snow flies
  • Are your rooflines continuous? Or disconnected, do they start and stop?
  • Decide which parts of your house or business you’d like decorated

Tree Installations

  • Type of Tree
    • Evergreen – Has needles that are kept year-round, e.g. Spruce, Fir, Pine
    • Deciduous – Loses its leaves each Autumn, e.g. Poplar, Oak, Ash
  • Height
    • Tall as the first storey of your house? Tree is approximately 10ft tall
    • Tall as the second storey of your house? Tree is approximately 25-30 ft tall
    • Taller than the second storey of your house? Tree is approximately 40 ft tall
  • Fullness
    • Branches sparse or is it a dense tree?
    • Width of the tree is it thin or wide?
    • Trees growing close proximity
  • Health of your Tree
    • New or old tree
    • Size and sturdiness of the branches

Power Supply

  • Soffet outlet controlled by indoor switch
  • Outlet by the garage door or side of house
  • Connecting Tree(s) to main power

Taking this information into consideration before you set up your lights will help guarantee your install is just what you were hoping for. Our expert light staff at the office will answer any questions you may have, and will provide a custom light estimate for your install over the phone or by email. Contact Us Today!