Quality, consistency, and convenience is what you can expect from our maintenance crews.

Assiniboine provides residential lawn care and property maintenance services to homes and acreages in Calgary and the surrounding areas including Elbow Valley, Springbank, Bearspaw and Heritage Pointe. Relax and let us take care of your yard throughout the summer months.

Weather does play an important role in our ability to service your property properly. Click here to see our full Service Agreement.

Assiniboine offers a full range of Property Maintenance Services.

Lawn Care

Weekly Cut & Trim

Our crews will cut and trim your lawn and blow clean all hard surfaces at your residence once a week on a predetermined day. Weekly maintenance is available from May 15th through to October 15th. Weekly service prices start at $60 per cut*.

Bi-Weekly Cut & Trim

Our crews will cut and trim your lawn and blow clean all hard surfaces at your residence every second week on a predetermined day. Bi-weekly maintenance is available from only after July 15th through to October 15th by request. Bi-weekly services prices start at $72 per cut*.

Vacation Cut & Trim

Let us know when you want us to be there and your property will be well maintained while you’re enjoying your trip! For vacation cutting, prices start at $85/per cut*.

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crew trimming edges of lawn
Trimming the edges of lawn where it meets the bed.
yard maintenance pruning rose bush
Assiniboine crew member pruning a rose bush.

Yard Maintenance

Bed Maintenance

Weeds taking over your flowerbeds? Let us help. We provide everything from one-time overhauls to ongoing maintenance on a Weekly or Bi-weekly schedule. Prices starting at $90/man hour.

Pruning & Trimming

Our crews are able to prune and trim hedges, shrubs and trees under 6 ft tall. Prices starting at $90/man hour.


Fertilizing is an important law care practice, as it influences grass colour, ability to recover from stress and helps prevent weed invasions and disease. We use a quality granular fertilizer with controlled nitrogen release that feeds the lawn gradually over 2 months for a deep green colour. Prices start at $84/application for residential lots and $165/acre.

For your Free Yard Maintenance Quote!

Factors to consider when requesting a quote:

  • The size of your lot - If you have a lot of grass, the price goes up, $125/acre
  • Does the property have steep inclines or hills?
  • Is the property a a pie shaped or corner lot?
  • Dog clean ups will be completed & charged appropriately if not done prior to our visit starting at $30

*Prices are based on the entire yard size and will vary depending on the actual amount of lawn.

Assiniboine also offers lawn care and property maintenance for Condos and Commercial Properties.