Residential Property Maintenance Service Agreement

Service Terms & Conditions

When you have signed up for our services, your signature confirms the contract. In consideration for the services provided by Assiniboine Lights and Landscapes, you agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions:

Description of Services

  • Client retains Assiniboine to provide the Services described on Page 1 of the contract for the period commencing May 15th and ending October 15th, unless the parties otherwise agree to in writing.
  • The Services will not commence until Client has submitted an executed copy of this agreement to the offices of Assiniboine.
  • Bi-weekly cuts are an additional cost and are available as of July 15th. Clients can either indicate on the contract if they wish to automatically be moved to this schedule or can contact our office (48 hours notice is required) to request this change in service.
  • Additions to the standard services includes the following:
    • Extra-long grass will constitute two (2) cuts and billed accordingly.
    • Failure to turn off all sprinklers on scheduled service day will result in a cancellation of appointment and full cut charge as outlined on Page 1 of the contract.
    • Dog waste not removed from grass area will be a fee starting at $20, may vary depending on amount.
  • Suspension, termination or interruption of the Services provided under this contract requires a minimum of 48 hours advance notice. Such notice includes by telephone, fax or email.
  • Any of the Services performed or scheduled to be performed prior to the 48 hour advance notice period will be included on Client’s next invoice and due immediately upon receipt.

Performance of Services

  • The Services will be performed as outlined on Page 1 of the contract. Weather does play an imperative role in our ability to properly service your property and may cause delays. Your patience is appreciated.
  • Services that are delayed due to weather will be rescheduled for the next weather-permitting day or shortly thereafter, depending upon the number of continuous days affected by the weather.
  • Clients will flag or otherwise indicate all sprinkler heads. Assiniboine cannot be held responsible for any damage to irrigation parts that are not clearly marked.


  • Fees shall be paid by the Client at the rates set out on Page 1 of this contract.
  • Quoted fees are based on the description of the property provided to Assiniboine by Client. If the property is found to vary in size, topography or other physical characteristics from the original assessment of the property, Assiniboine may adjust the contract price accordingly. The client will be notified of such change before any of the services are preformed.


  • A credit card is required for all service bookings.
  • Payment for the services will be charged to the Clients credit card at the end of each month. An emailed receipt is available upon request.
  • If payment of an invoice is not made at the end of a given month, Assiniboine may charge the Client interest on the unpaid amount at 4% per annum, compounded monthly, until paid. An additional $25 administration fee may also apply to any late payment.
  • All declined cheques or credit cards will be charged a $25 administration fee.
  • Invoices will be deemed as correct and non-negotiable after 10 days from invoicing date.

Limit of Liability

  • Assiniboine’s obligations under this contract are limited to providing or causing to be provided the services and Assiniboine does not assume any other liabilities or obligations of or to the client under this contract.
  • The Client shall indemnify, fully protect, save harmless and defend Assiniboine and all persons providing the Services under this contract against and from losses, costs and damages arising as a consequence of actions, proceedings, claims or demands brought or made by or against Assiniboine, the Client, or their affiliates, employees, agents or contractors or by any other persons as a result of the provision of the Services under this contract.

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