Spring yard clean ups are the first step to a healthy lawn throughout the growing season.

Assiniboine Lights & Landscapes provides residential spring clean up services to homes and acreages in Calgary and the surrounding areas including Elbow Valley, Springbank, Bearspaw and Heritage Pointe. We offer two package options with competitive minimum charges. If your property takes longer than the minimum charge, there may be an additional charges billed at $90/man hour. Assiniboine also offers a full range of Property Maintenance Services.

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Spring Clean Up Services Include:

Typically, the following spring yard cleaning tasks will be completed in the order provided.

  1. Leaf and Debris Clean Up

In this first and visually defining step of any spring lawn care. We blow out, rake and remove all the debris giving you a fresh clean start to the growing season.

  1. Power Rake

Power raking (also knows as de-thatching) your yard is the job of removing all the old thatch or dead decomposing grass from your yard to allow moisture, air and optional fertilizer or pesticides to reach the soil fostering new growth. Power Raking service only needs to be done once a year in during the spring in Calgary.

We use a power-rake which spins tiny metal blades around and pulls all the thatch up to the surface. Once this is done, we collect and remove all the debris produced.

  1. First Lawn Cut

The first cut & trim of the grass allows us to clean up everything that has not been removed already, leaving the lawn perfectly manicured and ready so you can use and enjoy your outdoor space. Other than providing the ‘clean’ feeling, the first lawn cutting also helps to stimulate grass growth and greening of your yard.

  1. Lawn Aeration (Optional)

Core aerating is the process of punching holes in your lawn and removing small plugs of dirt (leaving them on top of the grass to add surface nutrients to the grass and aid in the decompression of the soil) to allow water and oxygen access to the grass roots.  Lawn Aeration should be conducted every spring, although it can also be done in the fall.

Benefits of aerating your lawn include:

  • Thatch Reduction – cuts through thatch which aids in breaking it down & adding soil on top to aid in decomposing it
  • Reduces soil compaction – which results in leveling out your lawn, increases water, fertilizer and oxygen absorption, decreases puddling and improves drought tolerance.
  • Healthier Grass – the overall result is greener, thicker grass that’s more resilient.
  1. Spring Fertilizer (Optional)

Lawn fertilizing is an important yard care practice, as it influences grass colour, ability to recover from stress and helps prevent weed invasions and disease. In Calgary, we use a quality ‘time release’ granular fertilizer with controlled nitrogen release that feeds the lawn gradually over 2 months for a deep green colour.

Fertilizer is not typically included in our spring clean up services but is highly recommended. It should be applied at the end of the spring clean up so your freshly aerated lawn will thoroughly absorb it providing the ideal kick start for your spring growing season. Prices start at $84/application for standard residential lots and $192/acre.

We offer two package options:

Full Spring Clean up starting at a minimum charge of $270 for 3 man hours (any service over 3 man hours will be billed at a rate of $90/man hour) plus dump fees


Power Rake Package starting at a minimum charge of $225 for 2.5 man hours (any service over 2.5 man hours will be billed at a rate of $90/man hour) plus dump fees

Add Ons:

Additional services are available; Contact Us to discuss options!

Factors to consider when requesting an estimate:

  • The size of your lot. Do you have a large or small yard?
  • Are you in a neigbourhood with mature trees?
  • Does the property have steep inclines or hills?
  • Is the property a a pie shaped or corner lot?
  • Dog clean ups will be completed & charged appropriately if not done prior to our visit starting at $30

*Prices are based on the entire yard size and will vary depending on the actual amount of lawn.

Contact Us Today for Pricing and Availability.

man aerating front lawn with a core aeration machine
Assiniboine crew member aerating front lawn with a core aeration machine.


Assiniboine also offers lawn care and property maintenance for Condos and Commercial Properties.