Different Types of LED Lights and Installations Styles

There are a many types of Christmas light installations and lots of different styles of light product to choose from. We are going to discuss the more popular choices of lights and how they are installed.

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House Installations

Christmas lights are installed on the edge of the rooflines. Plastic clips are used to secure the lights the eavestrough or edge of the shingles. Extension cords are used to connect different rooflines and different storeys together.

C9 Warm White

C9 LED Lights

The C9 LED lights have a larger bulb which is a strawberry shape and about 2 ½ inches tall. They are installed by clipping each individual bulb, which creates a nice straight clean look. It is sometimes referred to the ‘show home’ look.


C6 LED Lights

The C6 LED lights have a smaller bulb which is a strawberry shape and about 1 inch tall. These lights are installed by clipping at every foot intervals, which gives it a ‘shaggy’ appearance when compared to the traditional ‘show home’ style of light installation.

C6 LED Red

C6 LED Double Wrap

A C6 LED Double Wrap is when two C6 LED light strands are wrapped together. This provides a fuller and brighter appearance when compared to the standard C6 LED install. It is designed to eliminate the ‘shaggy’ appearance by providing a plethora of light emulating from your roofline.


Icicles LED lights

Icicles LED lights are made with either a C6 or Mini sized bulb. The lights have vertical strands that vary in length, which gives these lights a dripping illumination effect.

Tree Installations

Typically, the C6 LED lights are used for installations on trees. There are more bulbs per strand and they twinkle more in the trees, as compared to the larger bulb C9 LED lights.

Branch Wrap

Deciduous trees with strong branches look amazing wrapped in lights! C6 LED lights are used to wrap the truck and main branches of the tree. The lights can be wrapped closer together to create a very bright full look.

Globe Style

Trees and bushes of all sizes, especially ones that have a uniform shape are great for a globe style install. This is where the lights are hung around the tree on the outside branches.


The crews start the install at the very tip of the tree and works down hanging the lights onto the ends of the branches. Small and large evergreens always a great choice, a wonderful traditional look.

Before booking your light installation, take these installations types into consideration and to help guarantee your install is just what you were hoping for.

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