Christmas Light Take Downs

We do recommend that you take your lights down each season. 

Our Christmas light take down season runs through the months of January and February.

Take downs completed outside of these two months will be subject to an out of season sur charge and will be completed on an intermittent basis determined by demand and availability.

Why Take Down your Lights?

When the lights have to withstand Calgary’s harsh climate (freezing temperatures, hail, strong winds & sun) on a year round basis they will deteriorate at a faster rate and there is a higher chance that they will not work for the following season.

Both Traditional glass and LED lights can fade with high sun exposure causing the lights to lose their colour and not match the newer strands colours.

The plastic clips that are used to attach the lights will become brittle and break easily when exposed to the elements for long periods of time, causing the lights to hang off of the house.

It can be more cost effective in the long run to take down the lights year after year rather than be forced to purchase new product every year.

You don’t want to be ‘that neighbour’


Now that the holidays are over, do you need help with taking down your Christmas lights?